Long gone are the days when children have to wear ugly NHS spectacles. Now their choice is as extensive as it is exciting.


Children's eyes should be checked regularly, not just at school but by us. We have full facilities to examine your child's eyes and will be delighted to see them whatever their age.

Nowadays children enjoy wearing spectacles and the enormous range of frame styles and colours available emphasise the fun aspect of "specs".

Youngsters' spectacles are required to withstand pretty tough punishment and so robust frames are essential. Modern styles are strong and flexible and lenses are manufactured in special plastic and polycarbonate materials for safety.

Fortunately, cost need not stop your youngster from enjoying a stylish pair of specs.

The NHS pays for eye examinations to all children under 16, as well as for all those up to 19 and still in full-time education. When spectacles are required, a voucher is issued which can be used as payment towards the cost of spectacles.

When breakages occur (as they will!) a voucher can be issued for the repair or replacement of damaged spectacles.