At Goldsmith Webb we pride ourselves in being at the very forefront of technology, investing in the latest equipment to ensure we deliver the very best eye care possible.

This is especially important for contact lens wearers who need to be particularly diligent with the health of their eyes. Indeed the importance of regular checks for contact lens wearers cannot be stressed enough.

To encourage this, we have developed a special Contact Lens Eye Care Plan that offers wearers a comprehensive eye care programme together with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the health of their eyes is being monitored on a regular basis.
Our plan consists of two scheduled visits, an annual eye examination and a six monthly contact lens check:-



General health of the eye (ophthalmoscopy)
Refraction (checking your prescription)
Muscle balance (how your eyes work together)


Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
This piece of equipment is capable of providing us with a very high resolution scan of the inside of your eye, much like an MRI scanner.

Extended field of vision test
More advanced than our standard screening test; extremely useful in the detection of a number of eye diseases and problems including Glaucoma

Digital imaging
Images of the fundus (back of the eye) and the anterior (front of the eye) will be recorded and analysed. This is an invaluable tool for future comparisons

Corneal Topography
This maps the shape of the cornea and is used to detect any unexpected changes that can arise from contact lens wear


Fitting of contact lenses
Suitability of contact lenses
Additional eye health checks specifically aimed at contact lens wearers


Supplementary checks
Unscheduled visits
Contact lenses supplied at discounted prices
25% off all spectacle purchases
25% off all sunspecs and prescription sunspecs
Disposable contact lenses covered against loss and damage*
Regular replacement contact lenses covered against damage* (excludes loss)

*Conditions apply, please ask in store for details

As a contact lens wearer, your eyesight deserves the highest standard of professional care. We believe that our Contact Lens Eye Care Plan gives you this.

If you have any queries, or would like to know more about this plan, please feel free to speak to one of our dedicated eyecare professionals.